My Favorite Genealogy Organizer!

In the 20+ years I have been doing genealogy research, I’ve lugged with me all kinds of backpacks, totes, portable file boxes, and even those huge totes-on-wheels to the libraries, archives, and courthouses where I do my research. I’ve also road-tested them overseas.

But of all the different document-holding, file-toting, equipment-carrying products I’ve tried, this portable file box and computer case combo is my absolute favoriteI HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT for anyone who has to carry files or equipment to-and-fro as part of their job or hobby:


UPDATE: this particular tote is now out of stock at Amazon, so this picture is now linking to a different model at the Amazon site. My apologies–it must have been super popular! 🙂

Here is what mine looks like close up:


The straps are VERY sturdy!

Here’s a look at the inside:


Pictured is a 15-inch MacBook Pro. Today, I carry an 11-inch MacBook Air, plus a Flip Pal scanner, and I still have room left over for another tablet if I wanted to include it.


The side pouches have more than enough space for all of your chargers and cords.


I also use the roomy side pouches to carry a camera for use in photographing documents, tombstones, etc.


The file box is removable, and is itself a tote-within-a-tote!


The front pouch holds office supplies, but is spacious enough for a few more large objects.


See how it holds TWO fat laptops? Wow. Also, take a look at the super-sturdy hardware on the straps–I love it.

I LOVE taking this bag on research trips!


This tote retails for about $80, but I bought mine for $45 during  FranklinCovey’s back to school sale last fall. You can also buy it in Brown on Amazon (click the image to see it on Amazon)


UPDATE: the brown tote pictured here at the time I made this post has sold out, so this image now links to a different model being sold on the Amazon site.

The bag hooks easily on to my luggage:


And it is easy to carry–it has both a long shoulder strap and shorter handles. I love it! 🙂


Oh, and for anyone who was wondering what my portable file box categories are, here is a close-up of the hanging dividers and their categories:


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