Introducing: My Latest BIG Genealogy Project

This is a picture of the genealogy stash I am inheriting from the master genealogist in my family:

genealogy inheritance picture

This genealogist has spent a lifetime gathering countless treasures regarding my family’s history!

But as I mentioned in this blog’s “about” page, our family’s master genealogist is a self-professed “hunter” who spent so much time caught up in the thrill of the hunt that they did not always take the time to stop and document their sources properly.

Enter yours truly.

With this inheritance, my role is to comb through, organize, transcribe, and document my relative’s hard work.

Can you even IMAGINE a more exciting project for someone who has spent her entire career doing the exact same thing for the ancestors of others?? 🙂

Last week, the first few packages of my inheritance arrived on my doorstep:

genealogy inheritance boxes arrive

Stay tuned: next week I will document the un-boxing of these packages!!!

(Confession: I’ve already taken a sneak peek inside, and they are *loaded* with treasure!!!)

Until next week! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Introducing: My Latest BIG Genealogy Project

    • Thanks! After years of doing research for others, I am just so thrilled to be able to finally work so extensively on my own family for a change, because it gives me a lot of freedom to write about it and do things “my way” for once. All I was missing was this inheritance before I could really dig this deep into my own family tree, so it feels like Christmastime at my house right now! 🙂


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