New Addition to My Genealogy Office/Nook

Since my last post, in which I introduced everyone to my genealogy nook, I have covered up my unfinished floors and winterized my office (protecting my feet from the cold, since this nearly 100 year-old house has an oil furnace and steam radiators < shiver!>) with a lovely little carpet that I found at an estate sale near my sister’s house in South Carolina:

Not only was this lovely little thing brand new (the folks holding the estate sale said grandma had barely used it), but as I was trying to decide whether or not to buy it (I could not tell if it would fit in my book or not because I had never measured the nook, and I was hours away from home at the time) the good folks holding the estate sale reduced the price from their original asking of twenty dollars to only ten bucks! How perfectly thoughtful!


I spy demon kitty eyes in this photo! If you look verrry close, you will too!

And in the end it fit like a dream!!

I spy kitty with a demon eye in the background–do you?

(View of the rug from my project shelves)

Come winter, poochie will LOVE curling up at my feet on this rug instead of the hard, cold floor! 🙂

Funny enough, I had actually considered spending almost sixty dollars another rug I saw online almost identical to this one, several months ago–I saw it on the QVC site in the Ellen Degeneres collection and absolutely loved it but just could not justify the cost. I am so glad that I did not give in to the whim and make that impulse purchase! 🙂

I have decided to pass on the good will shown to me by the generous folks at this estate sale by donating some extra nice goods to my local thrift store this week that I had planned to sell on eBay, with the hopes that the karma scales are back in balance again, because I don’t know what I could have possible done to deserve such a lovely gift from those kind people. Either way, my genealogy workspace is brighter, cozier, and much more cheerful now as a result!
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