You can see my full resume at this link but basically:

  • Ran a marathon, birthed/raised/homeschooled five kids, earned a master’s, and ran a genealogy business, all while husband worked full time and was away pursuing his doctorate in the evenings. Need I say more?
  • Secret to my success: time management. Self-discipline.
  • Then while working as a university adjunct of genealogy, my students often expressed how hard it is for them to discipline themselves to stop researching to process the records they find and cite sources/examine provenance while hot on the trail of an ancestor.
  • My students and other researchers often asked me to help them learn how to research with greater discipline–instead of just hunting like crazy, without stopping to document or analyze.
  • This year, I am inheriting an entire office’s-worth of genealogy research results from a researcher in my family who admits that they spent too much time hunting and too little time documenting.
  • This relative has given me permission to reorganize their work and chronicle it on my blog! Yay! 🙂

I hope that what I know will be of some use to other researchers out there! 🙂


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Mrs. Tonks,

    I just found your blog re: transferring all your research into Word and am very interested in doing so since my program is Sierra’s Generations 8 and discontinued. I almost carry the installation disk with me wherever I go so it won’t get lost and with it over 16000 ancestors!

    I bought the NGS book you recommended but still can’t figure out how you transfer all the info to Word. I’ve been printing out each major family tree in register reports but I don’t think that is what you meant us to do because it still leaves collateral branches and “odds and ends” of ancestral information exposed to loss. Also, there isn’t a way to check if I’ve included alI the people listed in the Index. Therefore, I thought I would try to contact you for more detail. Does Word have a genealogy program or is there a way to construct one so that my info can be transferred via gedcom?

    Please steer me to the right track to follow.

    Many thanks for your help.



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